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  • DataQuest - California Department of Education
    Search this site for information on schools and school districts or on specific topics such as computers and technology.
  • Testing and Accountability - California Department of Education
    Find information on testing, content standards for grades K-12, school accountability, and more.
  • Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership - Santa Cruz County Office of Education
    Browse information in this one-stop portal that will assist you in the day-to-day needs of your job, whether you are principal of a small school or superintendent of a large district.
  • Leading and Managing Your School - U.S. Department of Education
    Find information that will help you manage your school effectively.
  • Family, School and Community Partnership for Student Success - California Department of Education
    Explore resources that allow families, schools, and communities to work together to create new educational programs.
  • Statewide Education Technology Service (SETS) - California Department of Education
    Read about state programs that offer technology support and training to staff to provide students with basic computer skills.
  • Safe Schools and Violence Prevention - California Department of Education
    Link to resources about funding, strategies, and training to prevent violence in the school community, respond to crises at schools, and maintain a school environment that is conducive to learning.
  • California Elementary Education Network - California Department of Education
    Find links to resources collected by the California Elementary Education Network that support standards-based student achievement.
  • Healthy Start - California Department of Education
    Local initiatives strive for measurable improvements in such areas as school readiness, educational success, physical health, emotional support, and family strength.
  • ERIC Database - U.S. Department of Education
    Search the world's largest source of education information. The database provides access to ERIC Document citations from 1966 to the present. The database is updated monthly.
  • Information for Principals - U.S. Department of Education
    Find useful information on funding sources, teacher recruitment, professional development, and more.
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